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I've played OpenRCT2 in the past but was able to extract data from RCT Deluxe. I prefer Deluxe over 2. I've had to reinstall my OS, and reinstall OpenRCT2, but this time I extracted the data from 2 instead of Deluxe. Is there a way to install the data from Deluxe so I can play both? Or failing that, how would I delete the RCT2 data and start over with RCT Deluxe?


Edit: forgot to add, I bought both games from GOG. If that makes a difference.

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RCT Deluxe is RCT1, and OpenRCT2 requires RCT2 files to run. In the options menu of OpenRCT2 you can select your RCT1 (Deluxe) folder to add a few extras to OpenRCT2 (it may even have done that automatically). If you've done that, you should see the RCT1 scenario's in the new game window. OpenRCT2 aims to fully support RCT1 within the RCT2 engine, but not everything is exactly the same. You can even change the menu colors to the RCT1 theme (or anything custom if you'd like). 

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