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Linux Performance issues

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I'm currently getting back in to playing openrct2.

So I loaded up my old parks, some are pretty large, but nothing special.

Since this is the only game I play pretty much, I was hoping i could get by on the internal graphics of the I5 which is Intel HD 4600.

I only get about 20-30 FPS, using multi threading which get me about 60-70% cpu utilization.

Now I have similar graphics chip on my laptop which is running windows 10, and then I get steady over 100 fps.

Just wanted to check if there is some known limitations for the Intel graphics on Linux or similar? I do have a GT 730 that i can dig out, but Nvidia Linux support is pretty spotty..


Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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You’ll need to provide more info. What distro? How did you install it? What is your rendering engine set to?

OpenRCT2 does not need a whole lot in terms of graphic power, my game runs fine on a Intel HD Graphics 530 at 2560×1440. I have the game set to OpenGL mode. Software rendering, OTOH, will put your CPU to work.

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