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[Solved] Linux release in tar.gz

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Planned to start playing again after a couple of years on hold.

However, I tried to download a "generic" linux release, that i know existed before. With just a tar-ball..

Now it is only a .appimage, that requires further application and setup.

Im using Gentoo linux, and trying to keep the machine as lean as possible.

Is it possible to obtain the stable release as a tar-ball?


Also, any list on dependencies that the game is relying on?




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I stopped adding tarballs because so many people reported not getting them to work due to all the dependency versions it was compiled against. I can provide you with one if you really want, though.

Another option is, of course, to build the game yourself. (Which I thought was the point of Gentoo :P) There are build instructions here, but they are outdated for Gentoo: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/wiki/Building-OpenRCT2-on-Linux

If you go down the route of building yourself, I would like to hear the packages you used, so we can update the build instructions properly.

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Hey, sure, I can attempt to proceed with building it. It's been a while since i last played it, if i remembered correctly i just used the prebuilt one a couple of years back.

I'm in no need to customize it in any way, so building is no need in this case, but if i can help out in any way by building it, im all for it :)


But looking forward to either pre-built or src file from the latest stable one then?


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