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I think RMC Hybrid's ride bonus value is too low.

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Anyone else feel that the ride bonus value of 80 is too low for the RMC Hybrid coaster? Hybrid coasters such as Steel Vengeance do such a good job at attracting large crowds in real life yet it somehow attracts fewer guests in OpenRCT2 than a silly gimmicky spiral coaster. I would like to see the game mechanics be used to better reflect how rides in OpenRCT2 work in real life.


For comparison against similar coasters, the Looping Coaster has a ride bonus value of 95, the corkscrew has 100, the wooden has 105, and the Twister and Giga coasters have a ride bonus value of 120.

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I originally came to the conclusion that the Hybrid Coaster had the wrong ride bonus value because of an apparent bug with the calculation of the soft guest cap (I don't know if it is with openRCT2 or with the soft guest cap plugin). While harder guest generation is enabled, the plugin will report twice the ride bonus value for qualifying coasters when they finish testing.  When I open the rides, the plugin reports the same coaster contributing three times its ride bonus value. I already commented about this on the github issue page for the plugin.

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