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Openrct2 and rct1

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Hello I was on my mom's computer while my laptop with CD drive is being worked on and will soon get a newer laptop and all!

So I got rct1 corkscrew follies loopy landscapes and rct2 triple thrill pack Installed downloaded openrct2 and I am now trying to link rct1 to openrct2 the scenarios features and all!
Clicked founded the hasbro interactive folder roller coaster tycoon and said

The selected folder does not contain a valid roller coaster tycoon 1 install
csg1i.dat this file needs to be copied from the rct1 loopy landscapes or rct1 deluxe CD to data folder of the rct1 install on your hard drive!

Is there anything I'm doing wrong or any solution I can fix get this?

Anything helps thanks god bless!

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