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How to group scenery objects?

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I have like 200 custom objects floating in the "?" Tab and I'd like to reorganize them into or back into their own groups. How do I go about doing that? I cannot select the preexisting groups in the object selector because it says "data for the following object not found:"

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If this is what you mean, then it's what I'd like to see also. But I suspect that with so many objects available all the time now, it'd be no small task. I have no idea if we as users can do it our selves, sort of like a "drag and drop" or whatever.


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Nothing feels as good as a completed scenery tab. I hate the "not all items selected" warning when I click on a scenery tab from which I am missing objects.

It's kind of a hobby for me to complete tabs and hunt down missing object files. But honestly that's the hard way to fix your problem.

I use Trigger's Tools LINK and his group creator is super easy. Just select your files and drag them into the program - enter info - save and done. I advise filling out the info and giving it an icon (27x31-ish bitmap). If you need bitmaps for icons, Trigger's content browser has an extractor.

A word of caution, the NSF has brought about a push to use parkobj rather than DAT files. There is no looming program to get this done, but trigger's tools do not work well with some of the newer parkobj files, but there are tools in development here and there.

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