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I am a bit lost

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I have a Steam account and tried to install OpenRCT2 (by replacing one file if I remember correctly) but that didn't work as it would crash. I tried twice with the same result.

Today, I found an old disk with RCT2 and I installed it (surprisingly, it worked fine!). I downloaded OpenRCT2 and ran the .exe file and now, the "installed" version works. On the other hand, the Steam version does not use the OpenRCT2, so I guess I cannot use the downloads from this site on my Steam account, correct?

So now, I have 2 RCT installation (from the disk and from Steam) plus OpenRCT2 that is also available in my Start Menu.

So here are my questions:

- can OpenRCT2 work with my Steam account? If so, how?
- If so, where do I put the tracks and scenarios I download from here?

And furthermore, when I run OpenRCT2, many scenarios are unavailable, while on Steam they are all playable. Am I missing something? 


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Bear in mind that OpenRCT2 is not RCT2, and a 1 on 1 replacement of the executable will not work without moving other files too. I recommend adding OpenRCT2 as non-steam game to steam (though it won't count your playtime). For OpenRCT2, having RCT2 installed through steam should be no different than any other source.

Scenarios (and tracks) should go in the OpenRCT2 documents folder, usually [users/Documents/]OpenRCT2/scenario (or /track).

Scenarios are locked by default (RCT1-style) and can be unlocked by winning easier scenarios. If you want access to all scenarios without playing, disable progressive scenario unlocking in the options.

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