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Problems with RCT Classic.

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I just recently got OpenRCT2, and RCT Classic to go with it. I used the advice from this thread to get the program to recognize that I had RCT Classic, but have run into many issues. The music doesn't work, and none of the scenarios load in(Note: this thread had some confusion over file extensions. I had the .pob files, except g1.dat). Also, is there a way to use RCT Classic to get access to the RCT 1 stuff?I can't find info anywhere about it.

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RCT Classic does not contain any RCT1 content. The RCT1 scenarios that come with it are just recreations with RCT2 content. For complete information about using RCT Classic for OpenRCT2, see this wiki page. It is a known issue that the music doesn't work.

Btw, if you only very recently got RCT Classic, you might still be able to refund it and get RCT1+2 instead (Deluxe and Triple Thrill Pack). That is easier to setup and does enable all RCT1 content.

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