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Tomorrowland People Mover Ride


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Has anyone made a ride that looks like the old Tommorowland People Mover?

Yesterland: PeopleMover

When I was a kid I'd use the Monorail since the small cars look pretty similar, but I'd like a version of the ride that has a track and pylons that look like the one from Disneyland, as well as moves slower than the Monorail trains but is able to have more trains relative to track size compared to the monorail. I'd be willing to make the ride myself if someone could point me to some tutorials. I have plenty of modeling experience and have made animated sprites for numerous old games.

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Currently, it is possible to add new track styles, although we haven’t gotten around to putting them into objects yet, which means that adding such a track design would mean building it into OpenRCT2 directly. We did this earlier - the Hybrid Coaster and Single-Rail RC have been added to OpenRCT2 in this way.

There is no tutorial yet, but we have a Discord channel for this sort of thing. We could certainly use more people who have modelling experience. Here is a direct link: https://discord.gg/9EXFDnuTuQ

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