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Support for M1/Apple Silicon on MacOS version (Possible Future Issue)

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I'm not sure if this is the appropriate forum but I'm not sure where else to post it as it's not an issue yet. As you all know, RCT and RCT2 were originally released only for Microsoft Windows. When I discovered OpenRCT2 let me play on my it on my Mac I was excited to relive one of my favorite childhood games. For now, OpenRCT2 runs perfectly on my Intel based Mac (running macOS Big Sur). I also assume it runs on Mac's with M1 chips using Rosetta 2 (if anyone would like to confirm). I'm not familiar with the technical details on how OpenRCT2 allows running a Windows only game on MacOS, but when Apple eventually sunsets Rosetta 2, it will only support ARM based applications. Will this affect the future of OpenRCT2 for Mac users? I notice there is an ARM version for Android. Could the same thing be done for the Mac version down the line? 

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