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No Sound !

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Hello Folks first of all thanks for the work on this Project. Im a big RCT2 Fan since Day One and was very Happy to see that there is a possibility to Run it on a 64 Bit Mac. I followed all the instructions to Install the Game. It seems to Run well. BUT.....

there is no sound at all ?

I checked the Audio Settings. I have two options for selecting an Audio Device 

1.Integrated Audio

2.Default Audio

Neither seems to work.

I checked the config.ini if there where any problems there. Nothing

I checked multiple Forums as reddit  and such.

It seems there is no Solution for that .

Im running OpenRCT2 on a Macbook Pro 2014 with BigSur 11.6.3

I used the Steam Files from RC Classic for the Installation.

If someone has an Idea or the Solution it would be very appreciated.

Thanks Folks


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A bit more patience wouldn’t go amiss. You asked me on Reddit at 12:38 and then asked here at 15:07. That’s 2.5 hours, barely enough time for me to answer.

The problem lies in the RCT Classic files. It has all the sounds and music in .ogg format, which OpenRCT2 cannot read (yet). You can harvest these from the RCT2 Mini Game: https://archive.org/download/RollerCoasterTycoon2Demos/RCT2_Demo.exe You will need Wine or an unarchival tool to extract the files from it.

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