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Autoscaling the guest numbers over time graph

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Hello, I have been playing RCT2 for a long time now, and enjoyed it ever since. Thanks for putting time and effort in developing and improving this game with this opensource project. I have a small issue to point out.

Recently I continued with a huge park that I started a long time ago, and had about 8400 guests. When I go to the park information window, there is a tab that shows a graph with the number of guests over time. One thing I noticed is that, if your park has more than 5000 guests, this graph just stick to the top because the maximum is reached. My suggestion would be to auto-scale the vertical axis setting of this graph, so that it becomes more clear how the guest number developed over time, also for higher guest numbers. This feature would also be useful for smaller parks, where, let's say you are just starting, and only have for example 50 guests. Right now it is very hard to see anything from this graph, because the limits always go from 0 to 5000.

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