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Hi there,as some know, BBCode can be used on the forums to give your comments a little nice touch of make-up.Bold[ b ]Bold[ /b ] (remove spaces)BoldItalics[ i ]Italics[ /i ] (remove spaces)ItalicsNope![ s ]Nope![ /s ] (remove spaces)Nope!Underline[ u ]Underline[ /u ] (remove spaces)UnderlineItalics[ i ]Italics[ /i ] (remove spaces)ItalicsHeader[ h ]Header[ /h ] (remove spaces)[h]Header[/h]Code[ code ]code[ /code ] (remove spaces)codeList (ul/li)[ list ]* item 1* item 2[ /list ] (remove spaces)

    * item 1* item 2
Quote[ quote ]Quote[ /quote ] (remove spaces)
Sup and Sub[ sup ] sup [ /sup ] (remove spaces)[ sub ] sub [ /sub ] (remove spaces)supsubYoutube[ yt ] 0DaInuaZz08 [ /yt ] (remove spaces)[yt]0DaInuaZz08[/yt]Image[ img ] http://iconbug.com/data/ec/256/5492affab1bad37481f83894defa7a0f.png [ /img ] (remove spaces)View imageIf you have any ideas for other tags or improvements, just let me know!
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Just to clarify, in order to embed a YouTube video, you only need the video ID. How can you get that?Simply copy the link of a YouTube video, for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRC4Vk6kisY. Everything behind watch?v= is the ID. In this case, that's qRC4Vk6kisY.Simply put this between the [yt| tags. After this, you'll get this result:[yt]qRC4Vk6kisY[/yt]Yes, they are very fluffy.

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