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Path Over Park Entryway Issue

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Hello, OpenRCT forum users.  First time poster here, my apologies if this has already been covered, but I've Googled a couple different search terms and can't find a solution.  Sorry if this gets wordy...

I've been slowly expanding my park boundaries (with the Cheats menu) because I ended up really enjoying the park I built for a scenario I was playing.  Today I expanded to the left and right of the park entry path, and then built a raise path over the park entry path.  It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out my park rating tanked because guest were stuck on the raise path, not crossing over to the other side because I didn't purchase the land the entry path is on - not wanting to chance screwing up the unique programming that surrounds the spawning points and park entrance and all that (Screenshot 1 attached below).  Easy fix, I just bought the land under the walkway (Screenshot 2) and used the console to remove_park_fences.  But then no one on the entrance path will cross those boundaries (Screenshot 3).  In screenshot 3, Person A turns back once getting to the walkway, and Person B is stuck walking between the walkway and the park entrance, trying to leave.


Can this be fixed?  Or is it just impossible to position a walkway as I have?  My save file should also be attached below if needed.


Thank you, all!

Screenshot (1).jpg

Screenshot (2).jpg

Screenshot (3).jpg

Happy Valley.sv6

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31 minutes ago, ExCrafty said:

Did you BUY the land under the raised path, or buy the CONSTRUCTION rights. The construction rights "should" still allow peeps to move freely under your walkway. 

Thanks for the reply ExCrafty.  I think you're probably right for "normal" construction rights/land purchasing scenarios.  I just played around with your suggestion and couldn't get it to work.  My thought is that it has something to do with none of that land being purchasable in the original scenario settings.  All the land I've purchased has been through the sandbox method of land acquisition.

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