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Constant Crashing v0.3.5.1

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I have recently gotten back into Open RCT2, however I am getting very frequent crashes from the game.  This crash occurs at random, and I can't reproduce it with a specific action, however it seems that it could be linked to the autosave feature.  It happens regardless of the park, what I'm in the middle of doing, etc. - which makes it hard to track down.

About the only thing that is "consistent", is that it seems to happen less frequently when I start playing the game after a reboot or shutdown.  Sometimes the first crash doesn't appear for over 30 minutes, but when it does, they get much more frequent in subsequent retries after relaunching the game to the point that the game crashes within 1 minute of loading a save.  I have my autosave interval set to 1 minute, hence why I think it could be linked to it.  It also doesn't appear to be linked to "in-game" time, as I can speed up time and it will still crash after about 1 minute of real time.

I'm at a loss here and any help would be greatly appreciated!


8283c174-6b8e-40f8-839b-6c67e8e79835(5badf73_x86-64).dmp Ghost Town.park

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Do you always click ‘Yes’ in that dialog? I can find two crashes with your Windows username, would have expected there to be more if it happens this frequently.

Additionally, could you try installing the v03.5.1 release build (as you’re currently on develop) and see if that makes the crashes go away?

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I usually hit no on the dialog box.  When I hit yes, it just "appears" that nothing happens.   Dialog box just sits there after clicking yes the two times I tried it. If its trying to upload the .dmp file, maybe that's what it looks like it is doing nothing, as it seems like the dump files are really big (> 60 MB), and my internet is crap for uploading. Looks like you've seen it the two time's I've pressed it 😂

I will try using the release build the next time instead of the develop build.  If it does crash again, I will hit yes and walk away for a while.

Appreciate the quick response!

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