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Files save as .SC6.Park ?

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Hi I'm very new to this, I've tried reading the issue tracker and I don't think there's anything on there relating to my problem. 

Whenever I go to save in custom scenario editor, it saves the file as .SC6.Park ? I'm playing on version v0.3.5.1 on windows 10, using the 64x installer from a copy of rct2 from steam .It's been a couple of months since I last played and I was able to get it to work by manually changing the file types to .park but now it's just not working at all. Whenever I reload the files after saving regardless of whether they're .SV6.park or just .park they lose all the selections and landscape changes I've made. I'm very much not technically minded so any help would be awesome.

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4 hours ago, Gymnasiast said:

This should have been fixed in the meantime, with the files now only being saved with the .PARK extension. Could you check that?

Yes! I just downloaded the latest version and saved a new landscape, and it's now automatically saving as .park. Thank you soo much, I really appreciate the help!

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