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Some fixes, better window snapping, shade/roll-up windows

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I've been playing around with OpenRCT2 recently, and I have changed a few things to fix some bugs and to add some new functionality. Attached are a few patches with these changes. All patches are against v0.3.5.1.


fix_docdir: the changelog-window only looks in a few standard locations. If you install in a non-standard prefix, the changelog can't be found.

window_flags: a few functions use 16bit window flags, but there are more than 16 flags.

notification_settings_theme: the notification settings window is not themeable.

fix_NewsItems_size: the NewsItems window scroll list doesn't grow when new NewsItems are added.


Snap windows:

The windows in OpenRCT2 snap to other windows when close to eachother, but only when the left/top side of one window is close to the right/bottom side of the other window. This patch adds snapping to the same side (left/left, top/top etc) so you can align your windows much nicer


Shade windows:

On Linux, you can shade/roll-up windows: the window is rolled-up into the title bar, but stays on the screen. These two patches add this functionality to OpenRCT2: the first patch adds the technical aspects of shading windows; the second patch makes most of the windows shadable.


OpenRCT2- OpenRCT2- OpenRCT2- OpenRCT2- OpenRCT2- OpenRCT2- OpenRCT2-

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