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Question on Low Tech Starts

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Hello all,

I have returned to this game after a looooooong period elsewhere.

My question, for myself and for the record is,

Is there a low tech start-- a start with a minimal amount of equipment and stalls available while still being functional? In-game it appears as though many objects are already invented and I sort of feel a reduction the difficulty level as a result compared to what I remember.

I could swear I remember such starts as common in RCT2, and find the idea of inventing a burger stall or basic coaster surprisingly entertaining. 

Now, I am more than double the age I am when I last played it, so I'm quite open to the fact that I might be massively wrong. But if anyone has any tips for a harder difficulty level particularly through inventions, I'd be happy to hear them!

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Alright, thanks for the response... I suppose that's the only way. I've played a bit and it seems that the game is actually about as difficult as I remember! Surprising. On free ride parks I've found that closing the park for a couple of months keeps the cash flow otherwise one's guests just saunter about like they own the place while my park edges towards the red!

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