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RCT Triple thrill pack + OpenRCT2 v's RCT Classic + OpenRCT2

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Hiya folks

I have RCT2 triple thrill pack and have been using that along with OpenRCT2 for ages but i bought RCT Classic for £2 yesterday, as it was so cheap i thought it was worth a try to see what was different. I have been playing around using the assests from RCT classic with OpenRCT2 but can't really see a difference in the graphics? I have been using OpenRCT2 with the regular RCT2 triple thrill pack for ages was just wondering if there was a graphical benfit to using the RCT classic assets. 

When running the vanilla RCT classic game through Steam it seems to look better but it might just be an illusion!


Hoping someone might be able shed some light for me


Thankyou very much in advance.


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