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Various Issues With Paths/Queues and Scenery - Please Help!

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I am having some issues with the game:


I have the most updated version: Latest OpenRCT2 v0.3.5.1-8282579


If I build a ride (doesn't matter if its a coaster or flat) The queue will lack the "front entrance scrolling sign" thus rendering the newly placed queue essentially another path. (First image) 


There is a way to "fix" this issue, and if I delete the path at the exit and place a new path piece directly in front of the exit, the "Front scrolling sign reappears. 


Scenery/Trees etc. can be placed anywhere on the map even through Coaster tracks or paths. (Image 2)


Here I am "able" to put trees through the Bumper Cars, through the queue (which as you see has the first issue I mentioned), and Through the exit.









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