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is there a openrct2 flat scenario park option or sandbox option

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hi I'm new to rct2 and was wondering if in openrct2 there was an option to have a park that is literally just a flat platform of grass or something so I can make my own park completely from scratch or is there maybe a scenario already in rct2 that I can do this on as you can tell I'm clearly a noob to openrct2 and rct2 full stop

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You can easily create your own scenario for that. Simply open the scenario editor, select the objects you like, set all land as owned (using the map window), create an entrance with path and set the scenario options to your liking (no money and have fun).

If you prefer using an existing scenario, make sure cheats are enabled through the options menu. You can then set the objective to have fun, disable money and make all land owned.

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