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A few questions


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First off, excellent work with the new safe format. Finally have pretty much unlimited objects/rides. That's awesome. Well done. Also, some more excellent features have been added, thanks.

A few questions concerning some features I have.

Basically what do all three of these mean?

  • Fix: [#15851] Incorrect percentage chance of jumping with Katie Smith cheat.
  • Fix: [#15858] Joanne Barton and Emma Garrell cheat incorrectly not applying effects to self.
  • Feature: [#15294] New vehicle animation type: flying animal.


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You can usually find the relevant information in the issues linked:

Katie Smith cheat did not work: #15852

The other mentioned cheats now function the same as in the original game, where the effect is also applied to the named guest itself: #15858

The new flying animal animation type allows a bit more creative freedom when designing new rollercoaster trains. You won't notice it without a custom train using it.

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