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Latest Dev Release (I think)

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Gday all,

Just now updated to "OpenRCT2, v0.3.5.1 (b44b5ec on develop) provided by GitHub". Had a look around with my "attraction design only" scenario. WOW !!! was able to selected almost everything, except of course the different waters and entrances. I noticed while going through the various object screens that some of the images are blank, but still say what they are. <shrug> A minor issue given the massive work you guys have done so far. I also like the new style of pathing menu too. Just wanted to give some feedback on what's been done so far. Fantastic job people, herculean effort. Really appreciate your work.

Sorry for the way this all may sound, but I'm more than happy with it all, especially considering it's all been for free, and done because you guys like the game. Keep up the great work, and thanks.  :D

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