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How to guide for replacing Title Screen music

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I am creating this guide since it is an involved process and I find myself forgetting how to at times. Also google search reveals out of date inaccurate info. In order to replace Title Screen music you will need (in my opinion)

on Windows



youtube-dl from github

make sure windows isn't set to hide known file extensions.

Step 1: go to youtube and find the video you want as background music

Step 2: use youtube-dl in the terminal, guides can be found online

Make sure rct1 directory is selected in openrct2 options

to replace both choose 2 videos from youtube

in foobar2000 you may need to download the codec pack for the converter

after you use youtube-dl to get the two mp4 files, open them one at a time in foobar 2000

right click on the file playing and say convert and click ...

then select wav and click add filters add retroarch resample near the bottom

select 22050 hz and click back

repeat for other file

On Steam go to your steamapps common directory( ies) for each game RCT2 and RCT Deluxe and open the data folder

rename both css17.dat files if they exist already to css17.old or something else and ignore windows warning

then rename the new wav files to css17.dat in the rct2 and rct deluxe data folders.


now you can load the game and if you want select random title music to cycle both of them.

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