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Suggestion: slower speed or allow construction in pause mode

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I'm a person who can work hours on a single attraction, theming every little bit of a ride that is possible, and I'd like to take my time for that. However, you can't build in the pause mode, and it's often that a year has passed before I even open up my ride, which causes my other rides to break down etc.It would be cool to be able to build in pause mode, or get a slow or ultra-slow mode in the game, so we can build without looking at the clock.If this could be added, it would be so awesome :3

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It would be a nice thing to have, but it would also break the difficulty of some scenario's, so just like the fast forward function, the build while the game is paused function should be disabled in standard scenarios and it should be an option in the scenario editor to allow fast forward and build while paused or disabled it in the scenario you're creating

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