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Scenarios won't load due to no Large Scenery files? Please help

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It means you are missing those object files from your object folder. The object files were intended to be in the park, but they are not in your object folder so they can't be loaded into the park.

You can search for object files at nedesign in the objects section of the website. Download the objects by searching their number tag/filename and place them in your object folder, and then the park should open. I didn't know scenarios could be downloaded from nedesigns, usually only saved parks are downloaded, but either way you are missing those object files.

Also, sometimes, custom object files made for a particular park, necessary for the park to load, will be provided in the zip file, or in the folder that the .sv (park file) downloads with.

If so, you will still need to copy that or those  object files from the download and place/paste them into your objects folder and then the park will be able to load.

New Element - RCT2 Objects (nedesigns.com)

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