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BUG: In scenery selection menu tickboxes are invisible after a certain number of items

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I have an extremely large amount of custom scenery installed, mostly a result of stuff that came with the very large number of parks I installed, mostly in an (ultimately successful) attempt to find long-lost scenery items. My currently problem is that in the "advanced" tab the selection menu for small scenery, all items after a set number of items have the tickbox and name on the left side completely invisible, just blank. You can still scroll through them, the name, .dat and picture still come up on the right, but the actual name and tickbox lines display blank. You can actually still select them if you click the right spot, (where the tickbox should be), so there programming is working, but the GUI isn't. It appears to be after a fixed number of entries, not a proportion of entities, as the less you have selected the less gets cut off, and if it's under a certain number (which is only reachable with "custom" selected) everything is displayed correctly.

This is rather annoying, especially since the lack of a "tick" means you can't really view selected and non-selected at the same time if you want to know whether you have it selected or not.

Is this a known bug with a know fix, know bug with no fix, or a new bug? thanks.

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