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Mac plugin folder cannot be located?

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Hi there, have been happily playing OpenRCT2 on my mac for a while but wanted to give a few plugins a try but amĀ unable to locate the folder. the suggested location is:

/Users/YourName/Library/Application Support/OpenRCT2

however, no matter where I go there is no plugin folder? Did I extract the original file incorrectly? does MAC simply not support or have the ability to run plugins?

Specifically, I'm wanting to know if this one will work:

Thank you!

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6 minutes ago, Gymnasiast said:

Can you go the title screen -> red toolbox -> Open custom content folder and take a screenshot of the directories in the folder that opens?

You've made my night! Plugin folder was there once I clicked 'Open custom content folder'. I tried following that directive but for some reason I can't reach the library folder in just general 'finder' window, how odd but all good!
thank you again!

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