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Missing Server Commands

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I already had a few OpenRCT2 Servers on Linux and Windows before. I recently wanted to play it again on my own server which I had set up and played on months before. I noticed that it loaded an empty savefile which was the right save. It never saved automatically to that savefile and I think a friend of mine just closed it without the command.

So I wanted to save it after a few hours of playing, but none of the commands I could remember worked now. I don't know what exactly is going on and since when you couldn't use "save_park" to save your park, "exit" to save and quit and "help" to get all commands. I can clearly remember that working at least on Linux, but I am not sure about Windows.

Anyone has an Idea what could be my problem?

Also I am using the 0.3.3 stable version and start it with this bat command: 

openrct2 host C:\...\OpenRCT2\save\SixFlagsGermany.sv6 --port 11753 --password a --verbose --headless

I also always get this error message when I type in anything into the console: 

ReferenceError: identifier 'help' undefined

Thanks in advance!


Apparently you have to use this command:



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Which console are you talking about? The one you’re starting OpenRCT2 from, or the in-game one? The latter works as it always did, the former is now a JS console that allows access to commands of loaded scripts. If you want to execute a command from the in-game console there, use the form


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