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Coasters crashing when game is on turbo

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Title says it all. Usually when I beat a park in terms of guest numbers etc. I just speed up the game to max in order to finish the scenario quick. With the current release though, whenever I do this, at least one of my coasters crash - even without them having a break failure or anything.

Is this a known issue? 

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The game simulation should be exactly the same no matter the game speed. Note that crashes can also happen due to other breakdowns or because of cascading effects of an earlier breakdown. If you have a save that has a coaster crashing without any player intervention, please upload it so we can help investigate the issue.

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Thanks for letting me know. I currently don't have a save file that could show what I mean, I will get back here if I have. It's just that I have never had crashes in any of my current playthrough but ever since switching to the current release build I've had like five to ten, always in turbo and always with prebuilds that used to work fine.

It might be a statistical fluctuation though. Guess I'll wait.

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