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[Scenario] Elfwood District, New Greenwich series.


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Alrite. I planned to make a scenario-set for (open)rct2, set in the fictious district of Elfwood, New Greenwich. So far i only made one for today, and here it is. (all links are in rctgo)
     Mostly, this would have same 4000 m^2 inner area in a 9000 m^2 map.

01-EW-NG - Forsaken Facility.
     An abandoned hospital in Elfwood District, New Greenwich is given to you from local authority. You might want to change it into an amusement park.

02-EW-NG - Coming soon

P/S: Actually, the second scenario was made today, but due to an error while opening the invention list (caused the game to crash), the map was deleted (unfortunately).

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