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Unable to read red text messages

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Tried to search, but couldn't find anything reporting this issue earlier. Whenever I get red messages, such as that guests are hungry and cannot find food, it is barely readable, see screenshot. I've tried all rendering methods, linear and smooth, but nothing helps. Changing resolution also does not help. Only thing that helps is to set the scaling factor to 2, but that makes the game quite 'big' compared to the screen. Anyone solution for this?



Edit: I see that in the screenshot it is quite readable now, but I can assure you that in game it's not. Do not know why taking a screenshot of it solves it...


Edit: It seems to be an issue with the fact that I'm using a cloudgaming service, the red is unreadable due to the compression of the stream. Anyway to change the color of the text?

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You can't change the color of the text, but you can change the color of pretty much every window in the game (options -> correct tab -> change theme -> make sure you select a non-default theme or create one -> edit theme -> change the colors of the notifications window.

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