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Invisible objects .POB to .DAT

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Hi so , I'm using a PC running on Windows 10 and using a copy of Rollercoaster tycoon classic purchased from steam,

I've been following a thread to get my version of open rct2 running, which it now is!! JOY! 😊

BUT I've encountered the same problem as I've noticed a few other users es have encountered , as in only being able to see people, ride structures and landscape. {no objects at all} (paths, vehicles, stalls ect) 

I seem to only have .POB files and no .DAT files, however I've just stumble across another thread that suggested manually changing the existing file extension from .pob to .dat 

So I singled out the paths and tried it and hey presto now I am able to see them in openrct2

Problem is there are around 2210 files! Is there a way of mass conversion these file or sorting the issue any other way rather then manually changing each file extension ? 


Thanks T

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