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Cant save a go-kart ride's design due to bizarre glitch.

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So, I'm in a pretty weird situation. I built a go kart track design that I want to save, but in order to do so, I need to test it. Now, its a go kart track, so I can't test it. Therefore, I would need to open it and have the guests ride on it. The problem is that, the park is glitched in such a way where guests can't get in from the entrance. There's a clear path leading from the spawn point into and through the entrance, but there seems to be some sort of invisible wall preventing guests from entering, and preventing them from leaving. Now, I tried getting the guests that were already in the park on the ride, but they are dead-set on leaving the park, even if I set all of their stats to the best possible one in the cheat menu. So, I'm really not sure what to do now. I want to save this ride design, and I don't care about the actual park itself at all,I saved it from a multiplayer server. Any help would be appreciated. 

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13 hours ago, Gymnasiast said:

You would have to fix that save. Turn on sandbox mode and make the path from the edge to the park entrance unowned.

How would you turn on sandbox mode?

edit: i pressed own all land and now the land is unowned, but now theres gates blocking the entrance.


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