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Well....I keep saying it, and I won't say it again. Buuut...the good news is, I'm back and making custom content for everyone to enjoy!!


My "portfolio" consists of many scenarios and ever growing at that, but now I do track designs as well! Everything is on RCTgo, but instead of posting nearly 250 links, I'll post links by specifically my pages of downloads on RCTgo for your ease!

At the moment, the download counter in this thread is 244 over 4 and 3/4th years 

It's considerably growing!


Earliest to latest creations:

Page 1:


Scenarios: Chamber Lake, Heigel Desert, Tipton Bay (4)

Tracks: Lost Thriller (1)

November 1st-November 1st 2015

Page 2:


Scenarios: Ashton Gardens, Mammoth Shores, Funland, Cataclystic Cliffs, Disaster Plains, Holiday Forests,  Qualdic Rock, Galadrial Heights, Arctic Escapades, Gentle Cliffs, Corciea Mountain (11)

Tracks: Epson Wilder, Quantum-Thruster, Black & White, Astonished, Double Slam, Rickity Roller, Perilus, Wicked Woodie (8)

Parks: Track Creator Park (1)

November 2nd-November 20th, 2015

Page 3


November 21st, 2015-January 13th, 2016

Page 4


January 15th-May 23rd, 2016

Page 5


May 24th-August 18th, 2016

Page 6


September 3rd, 2016-February 26th, 2017

Page 7


March 16th-June 4th, 2017

Page 8


June 5th-October 19th, 2017

Page 9


October 21st, 2017-April 6th, 2018

Page 10


April 9th-September 25th, 2018

Page 11


September 25th, 2018-September 19th, 2019

Page 12


September 27th, 2019-May 18th, 2020

Page 13


May 19th-September 30th and going

More to add soon!

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