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Incompatible Software Version

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I regularly have updated OpenRCT2 to the newest version, actually v0.3.0-76e7cd2.

But with many scenarios, I have the problem that I get the error message "Incompatible Software Version". There is also a red point on the right then. But I also would take a look at these scenarios also, and I don't find an information about, which OpenRCT2 version I have to install. Is there a possibility to find that out?

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When hovering over the red dot at the right, you can see the network version the server uses. If that is different than yours, you cannot join the server. If the version is 0.3.0-0, you need to switch to the release version of the game, otherwise, ask the server owner to update their game.

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Thank you... problem solved. But I also have another problem with multiplayer gaming: With most scenarios, I get the error message "Unable to connect to server" or "connection closed", when I want to join a game. Perhaps anyone can help me here also...

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