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Not sure if this is a bug or even the right place to put this; RCT 1 scenario issues

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Hello, all.


First, I want to thank everyone for making this incredible mod/recreation of this game. 

It is absolutely unbelievable.


My one issue that I have run into involves using the scenarios from RCT 1 with OpenRCT2. All of them work (I've pointed the program at my RCT1 installation in the options menu). However, for some reason, every ride in the scenarios is shown as being built "this year" regardless of when they were supposed to be built in the scenario.


For example, in Crumbly Woods, all of the rides say they were built "this year" and do not appear to be negatively affected by their age; (their reliability is low, but, I am unsure as to how this directly correlates with their proper age).


As this, and some other scenarios are closely related to the issues inherent with aging rides, it does take away from the experience. 

Once the scenario is started and time progresses, the rides appear to age normally.


Any thoughts on this?

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3 hours ago, X7123M3-256 said:

If this behaviour differs from the original (i.e in the original game the rides had nonzero age when the scenario was first started), then it sounds like a bug related to the loading of SV4 files. Make sure you can reproduce the issue on the latest develop release, and if so I would submit an issue on the Github page.

I have confirmed that this behavior is different from vanilla RCT2 and vanilla RCT1 and have reported this to the Github page as a bug.

Thank you. 

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