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Invisible Entrances in Scenario Editor?

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I've recently been trying to create a simple scenario for myself, found a basic heightmap online and imported it, yet once I had set the scenario boundaries, any entrance I placed was invisible (or didn't exist at all. I checked in the tile inspector and it did indeed say there were "entrances" on these tiles, yet obviously no physical object.) I could place the maximum amount of entrances onto a single tile and yet, there would be nothing. Eventually, something I did when clearing them the first time caused my game to crash with no error message. It happened again on a smaller map that I had done using the noise generator, and that time it did crash with an error message (unfortunately I was too dumb to grab an error message or anything useful) While writing this I tried one more time and, shocker, my entrances were invisible, yet I noticed a strange thing where there were areas I couldn't mark as owned land and had floating, highlighted entrances floating above them.

The floating entrances:image.thumb.png.11463325444b8322d2ff0b3b76ee8a8d.png

The overview of the park, same as above. Both are using a heightmap:


The heightmap in question, too big for OpenRCT2, yet it seems to import a nice portion into the game:


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