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Bug? Guests Stuck Just Outside Entrance (Gravity Gardens Scenario From RCT2)

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Hi folks,

Unsure if this is a known bug/issue or not, so I figured I'd post it in case.  I started playing one of the built in scenarios to RCT2, Gravity Gardens, where the objective is to repay loan and get a park value of $500k.  I'm not sure how the scenario got to the point where it gained the bug (it started happening sometime in mid year 1), but guests started getting stuck and piling up after leaving the park right outside the entrance gate.


Initially, I ignored it and continued playing the scenario, as it didn't really feel that the issue affected the objective or gameplay.  However, sometime during year 12 of the scenario, it started affecting gameplay, when I tried hiring more staff I couldn't cause it said "too many people in game".  Also, the number of guests in the park started going down and I wasn't getting any further income from park admissions.


So I decided to do a bit more online research, didn't really find many other folks experiencing the same issue.  One mentioned to use the cheats to clear out all people, I tried this which temporarily fixed the immediate "too many people in game" issue so I could continue playing the scenario, however the bug itself of people getting stuck on the path still existed.  I also found this other bug report: 

The reply mentioned using sandbox mode to add pathing and/or modify the spawn point, so I played around with it, and found a fix where I added an additional piece of path outside the park that allowed the stuck guests to finally exit the map.


I then loaded my first save of the scenario that was prior to when it started bugging, and tried reproducing it by building a bunch of rides, but couldn't seem to get it to reproduce.

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