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Cannot Download Objects

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I recently got OpenRCT2 running on my RPi4 w/ RPi OS, but I am still having a final problem that I don't know how to solve. I am trying to play Six Flags Great Adventure to test the program but a bunch of objects are missing. I press the download all button but the objects don't download, the only indication I have is in the terminal window "query failed (status 500)".


Any assistance would be appreciated.

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If you miss objects to play an official scenario, you are missing original objects which are not freely available for download. Make sure you copied over the original game assets. Any scenarios missing objects from vanilla RCT2 or the official expansions should still load fine, but with the missing objects invisible.

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My folder structure looks like this:








The folder build is where I complied the program at and app is where innoextract extracted the setup files to. In a subfolder of app (ObjData) I am able to find the .dat files with names matching the names of the missing files. I linked the data folder using the command

ln -s ../data data

into the build folder.


The data folder has a subfolder called objects with the contents of https://github.com/OpenRCT2/objects in it and within that folder lies the folders -official -rct1 -rct2 -rctt -rctww. I copied the contents of ObjData to the folder rct2. Still the objects could not be found.


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