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Refurbish Manager [Fully working!]


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Refurbish Manager allows players to charge the best ride prices by observing the age of attractions in the park.
It consists of a window that lists all rides and allows ride filtering.

The main feature offered is a button that quickly refurbishes all rides in the manager's list.
Activate this feature carefully as it can cost a significant amount of money. It ignores rides that are under six months old.
Refurbish any specific ride through clicking the corresponding list item.


Open this menu through the map button:


- Shops are automatically filtered out.
- Transport rides are automatically filtered out because there's no reason to refurbish them.
- Crooked house is filtered out because it cannot be refurbished.
- Window remembers its position.

Known issues:
- Window not re-sizeable and cannot disable resizing.
- Glitch regarding checkboxes which results in offset hitboxes.
- Sort selection cannot be remembered due to API.

If the MSRP column feels cheatsy to you, I will publish a second version without it on request.

The plugin is available in its completed state along with source code.



Requires OpenRCT dev build 0.2.6-c3921d9 or newer (Released May 29 2020)






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Edit: ahhhhh, you added a pull request. Missed that. Very nice.

So I went through it, and found you were accessing Ride.buildDate, but that property doesn't exist in the API yet. The age says "undefined" when I use the plugin with an OpenRCT2 version I downloaded earlier today (v0.2.6-3260979).

Here's the un-minified code: [redacted at OP's request]

also, I think you did a nice job with the window. It looks much nicer than the demo window from the reload example video.

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I started using this mod once v.0.3.0 hit and it's really neat.  I don't like to cheese too heavily, so I often will set a price for something and then check your mod to see how far off I was.  My perceived value of thrill rides is way off.  I would love it if clicking a coaster in the box did the same thing as clicking a coaster in the game to open its info and settings, but I don't know what is/isn't capable in these plugins.  Perhaps a left click to refurbish and right click to open coaster info (or the other way around).

I don't know if you're still supporting this at all, but in the new stable openrct2 release (v0.3.0), there are a lot of scenarios that won't allow this plugin to open its window.  There seem to be certain pre-built rides/shops that just stop the plugin window from opening.  Here are a few examples:

In Diamond Heights (rct1 base), you can't open the window until you demolish Arachnophobia.

In Electric fields (rct2 base), it seems like the window can't open until you destroy the Balloon Stall (really weird, especially since you're filtering shops out).

In the Sherwood Forest map (first scenario in Time Twister RCT2 expansion), it seems like you have to delete all the shops (including the restroom) to get it to open.

Again, really neat plugin.  Thanks for putting it out for us to use.

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I am still interested in this Plugin, as I am really annoyed by refurbishing 30 attractions at one time every two years in game. 


I tried it and the window did not open at all.

Would you like to update the plugin? Would love it! 



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