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  1. There are a few scenarios I've won just by only placing gentle rides & shops. I beat Pacifica ($8000 in ride tickets) by building 136 mazes. It rained in the month before completing the scenario and I kept building more mazes, so it was a bit of overkill with 10k in ride tickets in the final month. You'll run into some guest retention issues with only gentle rides, as I don't think I broke 1000 guests even with such a high soft guest cap. You can always build thrill rides to attract the guests that need more intense rides, so you can beat practically any scenario with just gentle+t
  2. I started using this mod once v.0.3.0 hit and it's really neat. I don't like to cheese too heavily, so I often will set a price for something and then check your mod to see how far off I was. My perceived value of thrill rides is way off. I would love it if clicking a coaster in the box did the same thing as clicking a coaster in the game to open its info and settings, but I don't know what is/isn't capable in these plugins. Perhaps a left click to refurbish and right click to open coaster info (or the other way around). I don't know if you're still supporting this at all, but in the
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