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Cannot found RCT2 Files (Mac)

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I was really happy to find out that I could use this program to play RCT2 on my Mac, but I'm running into an issue. I couldn't find this exact issue posted here already, but if it has been solved in the past, please link me there. :)

So I bought the game via G2A, and added the key to Steam, adding the game to my library. I then followed the instructions from OpenRCT2, and opened steam with the console, and entered in "download_depot 285330 285331" After a while it was downloaded, and I then downloaded the actual OpenRCT2 software, again per the instructions. 

The issue is when I open OpenRCT2, and it asks for the location of the RCT2 files, they are no where to be found. I have looked everywhere and may just be doing something wrong. They don't exist under Steam or in my Applications. 

I really appreciate any help! :) 

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The files are deep down in the (hidden) Library directory. Open the Finder, click "Go", hold down Alt and click Library. Then navigate to Application Support / Steam and go through its subfolders until you find the folder (it will probably have 285330 in its name). It's probably best to copy that folder to a place that is easier to locate, and then point OpenRCT2 to that folder.

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