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I'm extremely knew to all of this but I've spent about 2 hours trying to create my own server for a couple of friends. I've so far have tried port forwarding but typing in the IP address or looking up the server on the list did nothing. I've also tried using Hamachi which got us closer to connecting: If they type in an IP address, then it says "unable to connect", but they can see the name of the server and a green circle next to it. But it also says "unable to connect". What am I missing here for this to work? We can both connect other people's servers but not mine. I've tried having them type just the IP address as well as adding the port code attached. (Does the attaching the port code look like xx.xxx.xxx:PORTNUMBERS ? or would it also use "."?) I've lost my mind trying to figure this out and most of the info online are 4 years old!! Please help and thanks!!

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Best thing to do is start from the beginning. Teaching this is a little tricky since everybody's router login is a bit different. Here's the basics.

Open up command prompt and type "ipconfig" and scroll down to locate your IPv4 address. This will be used. Also, the port you are forwarding to is 11753 (OpenRCT's port.)

Open up your router settings and go to  your port forwarding settings. (Assuming you know how to get there.)

Mine has an External and Local IP settings. For the external IP address, leave it and for the start and end port there, put them both 11753.

For the Local IP address, type in your IPv4 from command prompt there, and fill the start and end port with 11753 once again. Set protocol to "Both" and select "Yes" to forward the ports. This is how mine is but yours might be a little bit different.

I hope this helps you out. :)


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SK Productions > I'm having the same issue with myself and son. He's at another house and trying to set up a server so we can play, and we tried vise versa. We don't see the servers showing up on the list. Do we both go into our own router settings and forward the ports to our own IPv4 ? I don't know what any of this is. I'm use to just connecting with games.

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