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  1. I tried "https://canyouseeme.org/" and it does not see me. I also can not change the IP address to my IPv4 on the site. Firewall is off. I'm lost now.
  2. SK Productions > I'm having the same issue with myself and son. He's at another house and trying to set up a server so we can play, and we tried vise versa. We don't see the servers showing up on the list. Do we both go into our own router settings and forward the ports to our own IPv4 ? I don't know what any of this is. I'm use to just connecting with games.
  3. Thank you Gymnasiast. I would have assumed to have known that answer, but I clearly wasn't thinking correctly. I'll need the Triple Thrill Pack for my son then! Thanks so much!
  4. I have the Triple Thrill game (for myself) and it works with OpenRTC2. My question is, will the Deluxe game work as well, AND, is it the same as the Triple Thrill version? I'm trying to get a copy on Steam for my son so we can play together, but I want to make sure we both have the same games. The Deluxe is cheaper on Steam than the Triple Thrill, so I want to make sure I get what I'm paying for. Thanks!
  5. Just found out tonight about this incredible OpenRTC2 project. I still have my original RTC and RTC2 (with expansions over time) games from when they first released. Been playing since day one. Can't wait to see what this project is all about. First things first, going to try out this multiplayer function and see what it's like :)
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