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Ground doesnt render on Linux (Fedora)

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Hi all, I had a look around but couldnt find anything related to my issue so Im making a new topic in the hope that someone can help. I followed the install guide to get the game up and running on Fedora, using a manual extract of my GOG installer to get the game running. It will open and play just fine but the ground and certain other assets wont appear. Water will appear so I can build on that but I cant build anywhere that there is a land tile. 

My guess is that im missing some files that didnt copy correctly or something but I cant locate the ones I need to get things working right. I tried uploading screenshots but they keep timing out, I can try again if needed though. Any suggestions from anyone? Thanks.

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Your RCT2 is fine, but your OpenRCT2 install is incomplete. It lacks the so-called "JSON objects". It seems that both openrct2.org and openrct2.io have outdated build instructions for Fedora.


Edit: also try running `make install` (using su/sudo if needed).

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