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Suggestion #1: Add "store / custom content" to the top of the bar for quicker navigation.Suggestion #2: Allow tags so that you can provide a better search (stem the tags for searching). This would be useful if you are looking for a certain theme - not everything fits in the description and words in the description can pollute the search.Suggestion: #3: Track store APIE.g.GET /api/tracks?search=snow[ { name: "Siberian Snowstorm", author: elzix, image: "{base64 384x384 png}", stats: { excitement: 9.30, intensity: 5.60, nausea: 3.90, length: 1060, columns: 33, rows: 9, price: 27910 } }, ...]Then eventually it can be integrated into OpenRCT2 allowing players to quickly find a track to suit the theme of their park and place it without even losing focus of the game or park.

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1) The header only has a certain width, and gets too full (in my opinion) when I add another link. I might redo the downloads page though so the store has a more prominent place.2) Possible, but adding tags to every submission would be a huge job...3) A brand new API is on the way. Everything possible on the website (and more) should be able through the API too.

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