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Bobsleigh Issue

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Hi folks, 

I'm new on OpenRCT2 and i found an issue that i want to discuss with you guys. 

The game crashes every time i want to test or open a bobsleigh coaster, and the game sent me a message that says it crashed and created a dump, what creating a dump means and i was wondering if you guys have the same problem as i do. Also, am i on the right place to report bugs and crashes like these? Thank you so much in advance in helping me. :)

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A dump contains a record of the state of the game when it crashes. It can be helpful to the developers to determine what lead to the crash.

Did you get the question to upload the bug? If you do so, it will automatically be reported to us. Otherwise, you need to report it manually.

Do you have a save that triggers above bug? If so: upload it here.

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