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Downloading Open RCT2 is not producing a .zip or .dmg

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Mac OS Catalina, Latest release build.

Open RCT2 was downloaded prior to downloading the Steam version files, and would not open after the steam files were downloaded, producing a window simply reading 'the application Open RCT2 could not be opened'. Upon attempting to fix this by deleting Open RCT2 and re-downloading it, the file downloaded was not a .zip or .dmg file and will not open at all.

I suspect there is a file somewhere in the library that was not deleted when Open RCT2 was moved to the trash and is causing issues - I had a similar issue downloading steam on a different Mac, but I don't remember how to find the files to delete them.

Please advise.

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When did you download the ZIP? There was an outage on 27 March, so you may well have downloaded it then.

Try downloading OpenRCT2 again and see if you still get a corrupt ZIP/.APP. If that is case, please tell us where exactly you downloaded it and whether you picked release or develop.

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