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Scenario not marked as cleared

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I'm having some issues with some scenarios that doesn't let me type in my name when I have completed the map, and therefore it is not marked as cleared in the main meny. 
I have tried to open a saved game just before it gets completed, same issue. Same thing if I try and use the cheat to finish the map, it is still not marked as cleared. 
Really frustrating, any ideas?

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Some additional information. This is the version I am playing. The scenarios are from Wacky Worlds and Time Twister. 

The last map I played, it allowed me to fill in my name but it still is not completed in the meny :( Please help me, I want to keep playing! 

Skärmavbild 2020-03-29 kl. 16.49.28.png

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You're running an ancient version of OpenRCT2. You need to upgrade to at least release 0.2.5, but preferably to the latest develop version. In general: always update your game, especially if you run into problems.

Some WW and TT scenarios have the wrong scenario name embedded. In newer OpenRCT2 versions, we have included a fix for this. However, you will need to start a new game first before you can take advantage of it. So a way forward might be to upgrade, then start all scenarios you already won earlier and use the cheat to win. Then you should be able to fill in your name.

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